What The Diff – AI powered code review assistant

What The Diff – AI powered code review assistant

WhatTheDiff.ai is an online platform that uses machine learning algorithms to assist developers with code review

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What is WhatTheDiff.ai?

What-the-Diff is an AI-powered GitHub tool that assists you in reviewing the diff of your pull requests and generates a plain-English description of the changes. What-the-Diff can explain the differences in plain English and supports almost all programming languages.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, allowing developers to quickly and easily compare code changes and identify any differences.

What are WhatTheDiff.ai features?

The main features of WhatTheDiff.ai include:

  1. Code comparison: Users can upload two versions of code and compare them side-by-side to identify any differences between them.
  2. Customizable settings: Users can adjust the sensitivity of the machine learning algorithms to focus on specific types of changes, such as variable names or code structures.
  3. Integration with popular code repositories: WhatTheDiff.ai can integrate with popular code repositories, such as GitHub, to streamline the code review process.
  4. Automated review: The platform can automatically identify potential errors and suggest improvements based on the code changes.

WhatTheDiff.ai pros and cons


  1. Advanced machine learning algorithms for code review
  2. Customizable settings for more efficient reviews
  3. Integration with popular code repositories
  4. Automated review and error identification
  5. User-friendly and accessible platform


  1. Limited free plan with basic features
  2. Pricing plans may not be suitable for all users
  3. Some users may prefer more traditional code review methods
What-the-Diff – AI-powered code review assistant
The AI powered GitHub app that explains the changes within your pull requests in plain english
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